NMRA 2018 Kansas City Convention - August 5-12, 2018 National Model Railroad Association

NMRA Special Interest Group Activities

Request for SIG or Organization Participation

As in previous years, the 2018 Convention will have a SIG room. If your SIG or organization would like some space in the SIG room, please fill out the form linked to the right and we will get in touch wrote you.
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As part of the NMRA National Convention, related Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet to discuss specific areas of interest in model railroading. Two of the largest groups are the Operations Special Interest Group (OPSIG) and Layout Design SIG (LDSIG).
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The NMRA Operations Special Interest Group's principal purpose is to develop and disseminate ways of operating model railroads in a realistic manner that emulates prototype practices. This includes the discussion and communication on the various methods of generating, moving and controlling traffic that serves shippers and consignees and the ways to most practically and realistically adapting them to the model world. For more information or to join, visit the OPSIG website at http://www.opsig.org/.

See the
OPSIG page for convention activities and details.
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Each year the LDSIG group sets up displays demonstrating the leading edge in layout design and engineering. Their members offer assistance to anyone designing their own layout to help maximize your model railroads operating and visual interest, show you how to avoid common railroad track planning mistakes and lead you to a total model railroad design that achieves your goals faster and better.

Join us in the SIG Room Sunday August 5
th from 7 PM to 10 PM, Monday August 6th to Friday August 10th from 8 AM to 10 PM, and Saturday August 11th from 8 AM to 12 PM.  Re-connect with old acquaintances and make new friends.

Are you waiting to build your dream layout? We will be available to assist you with ideas for planning and construction.  Do you have a current layout? We’ll be happy to help with any changes you may be considering.  You can also set up an appointment for a one on one consultation during the convention.

Layout Tours will be held on sometime during the week for SIG members

Join or Renew your LDSIG membership.

See the
LDSIG website for convention event details.
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The American Civil War Rail Road Historical Society (ACWRRHS) is a group for individuals interested in the history & modeling of American Civil War Rail Roads. Our primary mode of existence is as a Yahoo Group, so there are no dues, but we also have annual conventions, held in locations with connections to the railroads of the civil war. Though we cover the ante-bellum period though the end of Reconstruction, our focus is American railroads from 1860 through 1865. Sample topics discussed online include the U.S.M.R.R., the W&A, the O&A, the B&O., sharing model & layout photos, sources of modeling supplies, & archival resources. We are proud of our ever expanding bibliography of primary & secondary sources on railroads in the Civil War. Our goals are (1) to help preserve & disseminate Civil War railroad history and (2) to be an aid to individuals modeling the railroads and railway systems of this period.

Click here to go to ACWRRHS Modeling Resources Page

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The Steel Mill Modelers Special Interest Group (SMMSIG) is an informal gathering of individuals with a common interest in industrial history, model railroading and creating scale models of the iron and steel industry. In addition to this website we share ideas and education on steel mill modeling through bulletins, the “Steel Mill Modelers Journal” and our annual meeting. We also provide clinic and educational support to the National Model Railroad Association, its affiliated regions and divisions as well as historical societies.

The size and scale of the steel industry presents many challenges to the modeler. Our members include former and current employees of the steel industry. Their experience and first-hand knowledge have proven invaluable to the membership.

If you are an experienced or new modeler to the steel industry, welcome! We are confident that you will find a journey through our website both inspirational and rewarding.

Click here for more information about the Steel Mill Modelers SIG

Founded in 2004, the Steel Mill Modelers have been promoting steel mill modeling as part of the model railroading hobby. We have seminars, tours of prototype steel facilities, and tours of model railroads that feature steel-related industries. Our mission is to share information concerning modeling steel mills and railroads as well as to foster camaraderie among persons with interests in these topics.

Membership is open to everyone. Many of our members are current or retired steel workers. Access to their knowledge is a great help to modelers as the size and complexity of the steel industry can be a challenge to the modeler.
Benefits of membership:
  • Annual Steel Mill Modelers Meet: Featuring clinics, tours, and operating sessions
  • Quarterly Steel Mill Modelers Journal: Containing articles and information about design, operation and modeling as well as new product releases
  • Seminars and Presentation Material: Available online to members only
  • Reference Exchange: Share photos, reference materials, product information, tips and techniques
  • Dean Freytag Award: Be judged by your peers and earn this prestigious award at the annual meet
Annual Dues:
Member - $35(USA) $50(International)
Contributing - $60
Sustaining - $120
Paid Sponsor - $250
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This select SIG is open to all modelers that are willing to sing the praises of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, affectionately known at the “Katy”. The AMMS (Awesome MKT Modelers SIG) will meet every night at the Westin Cocktail Lounge, from 11pm to 2am.

To apply for membership, all you have to do is to find an AMMS officer (probably vertical at 11pm, likely horizontal at 2am) and buy him/her a drink. And not one of those sissy BN or UP drinks, either; a real, manly MKT drink. You will then be taught the secret AMMS handshake and learn the official AMMS song, which has been handed down since time immemorial.

Each night of the convention, at precisely midnight, all AMMS members will stand, face toward the direction of Glen Park Yard, and lustily sing the AMMS anthem! Whitman Green attire is not required, but encouraged. Deramus Red is also acceptable, but be prepared to be good-naturedly ridiculed by the Greenies. Crashers wearing UP yellow will be ejected from the area with extreme prejudice. Just sayin’.