Missouri-Kansas-Texas, St. Louis Subdivision Start slow and taper off...

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Bret Overholtzer’s Missouri-Kansas-Texas, St. Louis Subdivision

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About the Layout

Located in a 15 ft by 25 ft basement train room, this N-scale single deck, operation-oriented layout incorporates a separate 400-car staging yard to facilitate the “beyond the basement” concept.

The MKT’s traffic from St. Louis to Kansas City and Texas is simulated over nearly four scale miles of mainline track, with emphasis on freight, coal unit trains, and grain traffic.

Operations on the MKT, St. Louis Subdivision simulate an enhanced version of the traffic that would have existed in 1984. You can expect to see multi-unit freight and coal trains, some autorack and pig trains, and lots of local switching action.

You’ll run primarily Whitman green and yellow locomotives, with a smattering of leased power in the consists.

As the elite operators say, “No sound, no layout”, so the mighty MKT has sound-equipped locomotives.

An enthusiastic operating crew of eight can complete a nominal three-hour operating session with ease, running 17 over-the-road trains, up to five locals, and a dedicated Union Pacific switch job.

You can bid for the dispatching job and follow the trains across the faux-digicon-esque track schematic on the computer monitor. Or you can run the yard, and kick the local trains out to serve the industries. Or you can relax in the crew lounge and watch train videos with the Superintendent. The choice is yours!

During operating sessions, we keep the atmosphere loose and fun, with an emphasis on the social aspects of the hobby. The credo of the Mighty MKT: “Start slow and taper off”.

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You can find more information about the MKT, St. Louis Subdivision at mktrr.com

The MKT, St. Louis Subdivision was featured in the Sep/Oct 2000 issue of N Scale Railroading

Of all the average railroads in the country, the Katy was the most average. ~ Casey Jones

Layout at a Glance 
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Layout at a glance
  • N Scale
  • Single room, 15 ft x 25 ft. with 17-track staging in separate room.
  • 1984 MKT North End, from Sedalia, Missouri to St. Louis, plus branch line to Columbia, Missouri
  • Walk around, linear, sincere (single time through scene), single deck
  • Layout height nominally 53 inches
  • 90 percent scenicked
  • EasyDCC with wireless throttles (tethered available for yards)
  • Full ABS signalling
  • JMRI computer dispatching console, powered by C/MRI goodness
  • Basement stairs access
  • 8 Operators (typical)
  • Verbal track warrants using radios (supplied)
  • Rule G is annulled during operating sessions

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