NMRA 2018 Kansas City Convention - August 5-12, 2018 National Model Railroad Association

Kansas City Area Layouts

Kansas City is the home to many exciting model railroad layouts.

We are hard at work, photographing and documenting the layouts that will be on tour in 2018, and we will add them to this page as we receive their information.

Here are just a few of the many great layouts that will be on tour during the 2018 Convention!

Several of the layouts listed below have links to dedicated layout pages, with additional details and photos, photos, photos!

Colorado Joint Line

Dave Acheson - HO Scale
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Dave Acheson’s Colorado Joint Line
HO scale, 1970's Pueblo, Co to Denver's 38th St Yard. Branch line to Golden, CO, home of Coor's Beer. You will run ATSF, BN, DRGW, and RI trains. Also unit coal trains and unit grain trains. Coors special Insulated box cars are featured on the layout. Work locals on the RI, ATSF and DRGW.

Hinton Division of the Chesapeake & Ohio

Jim Eudaly - O Scale
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The Hinton Division of the C&O is an O Scale layout in a free-standing 35' x 50' Butler metal building that is handicapped accessible. It is a walk around design with track heights of 20" at Gauley to 68" at Alleghany. Control is NCE radio. Two dispatchers at a rebuilt US&S CTC machine line the routes and clear signals for the two divisions: New River and Alleghany. Dispatchers wear telephone headsets and crews call on phone lines to get signals to run on. Two hostlers move engines onto ready tracks for road crews and move inbound engines to the service tracks.

CB&Q - Omaha Division

James McCroskie - HO
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James McCroskie’s CB&Q, Omaha Division
Modeling the 1968 CB&Q track from Kansas City to Omaha, this layout is located in a 22 ft x 40 ft basement. Access is through stairs in garage.

Layout is around the walls with a 15 ft ‘ x 30 ft wide section running down the middle of the layout. Railroad is 48" to 52" high.

Santa Fe Emporia Division

Eric Goodman - HO
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The Santa Fe Emporia Subdivision is an HO railroad representing the line from Argentine Yard to Augusta set in 1995. This railroad features long ATSF manifest trains, lots of hot intermodal trains and plenty of Super Fleet power for Super Service. The main yard stays busy classifying the manifest trains and working the intermodal and automotive trains that have setouts and pickups at Sunflower Lift. The large refinery complex at El Dorado will keep a local operator busy spotting and pulling cars. Surrounding the bottom level of the helix is a unit train capable grain elevator complex and mill.

Burlington Northern - Marais Division

Joe Kasper - N Scale
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This large N-scale railroad has much to offer the operating enthusiast, including eighteen scale miles of fully signaled CTC main line; a division yard spanning 45 ft, with full interlocking plants at both ends; and a three-segment CTC panel, run by one or two dispatchers. Train control is by RailCommand. The Burlington Northern Marais Division has a little bit for everybody. Come for the trains. Stay for the treats!

Friso - Eastern and Northern Divisions

Rick McClellan, MMR - HO
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Rick McClellan’s Frisco Northern and Eastern Divisions
Rick’s vision was to recreate the feeling of moving trains across the road, and you will certainly get plenty of time to watch the scenery pass by as you run a train from Kansas City south through the Kansas and Missouri landscapes, to Springfield and beyond. The Kansas City yards are a beehive of activity, as they serve as the primary northern destination for trains on the layout. Trains run under Digitrax DCC with wireless throttles. Track authority is by verbal warrants from the Dispatcher. Communication is by a phone system. Many of the locomotive are fully equipped with sound.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas - St. Louis Subdivision

Bret Overholtzer, MMR - N Scale
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Hearken back to the simpler days of 1984 and run the Katy through scenic Missouri landscapes. This tidy N-scale layout packs a lot of operation and fun into a 15 ft by 25 ft main train room. The track snakes along the Missouri River, serving the riverside communities along the way. Freight, coal, and TOFC trains make up the bulk of the through trains, winding their way from Sedalia, Missouri to St. Louis Missouri. They will have to dodge the local trains that serve the agricultural-based industries of mid-Missouri.

CGW Railway and Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad

Mike Porter - HO
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Mike Porter’s CGW Railway and Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad
The Chicago Great Western Railway is a nine year old layout that is a work in progress. It depicts the CGW located in North-Western Iowa in the mid to late 60's. Its a time when covered wagons were in command of the daily mortgage lifter timefreights. The CGW is a 450' long single un-signaled main track with six ample sized passing sidings. It also depicts the main line to Minneapolis.

The working Division point yard at Clarion, Iowa is represented. The yard is at the junction of the three spokes of the system that radiate out towards Chicago, Omaha and Minneapolis. The yard has 8 tracks measuring 16' long. It also serves 5 industries.

ATSF. St. Louis Divison

Stephen Priest - HO
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St Louis Division of the Santa Fe Railway. This is the first year that this new HO scale railroad will be open for operations, and Prairie Rail will be the first time out of towners will grace the rails. The railroad is theoretical taking into consideration that the Santa Fe Railway always wanted a route from Kansas City to St.Louis to Chicago. Set in the late summer of 1978 the railroad features heavy mainline action. St. Louis will be our major yard with a pair of Division Point Yards to be located “route wise” on either side of the major yard. The railroad also includes a very busy branch line down to Columbia Missouri. The branchline is operational and will be the portion of the layout that will be operated during Prairie Rail.

DRGW - Durango Division

John Vandenberg - HOn3
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The Durango Division of the Denver and Rio Grande Western is based on the heart of narrow gauge country in America, Durango Colorado. From Durango the railroad serves the 4 points of the compass, north to Silverton,south to Farmington, east to Chama, and west to Dolores via the Rio Grande Southern. Silverton is also served by the Silverton Northern which ran northeast from Silverton to serve the mills at Silverlake, Eureka, and Animas Forks. This HOn3 version of the Durango Division is built as a double deck railroad, with Durange Yard splitting the two decks.

Twin Cities and Western

Alan Saatkamp, MMR - HO
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Located in an 11 ½’ x 15’ downstairs spare bedroom, this HO scale, single deck, operation-oriented layout offers three operators plenty of switching opportunities. Twin Cities and Western is a contemporary Minnesota shortline. Selective compression of the 229 mile prototype includes 92 modeled miles and six stations—Glencoe, Buffalo Lake, Hector, Ruebel, Granite Falls, and Montevideo.  Sister railroads, the Minnesota Prairie Line and Red River Valley and Western, provide variety of motive power.
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