Burlington northern - Marais Division It's not easy being' green...

Joe Kasper
Burlington Northern, Marais Division
N scale
50 ft x 50 ft
Full CRC signaled
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About the Layout

About the Layout
  • Eighteen scale miles of fully signaled CTC main line using the CMRI by Bruce Chubb.
  • Trains controlled using Rail Command
  • A 30-track division yard for three operators
  • An intermodal yard for two operators
  • MKT Glen Park Yard for one Elite Operator™️
  • All hand-laid turnouts (and NOT the fastrack kind)
  • Three-panel US&S-style dispatching center
  • Theresa and JJ's famous operating snacks!

Running trains at Joe's was AWESOME! I'll be back! Hugs and kisses, Arnie

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Layout at a glance
  • N Scale
  • RailCommand
  • Fully Signaled
  • CTC dispatching schema
  • Basement stairs access
  • 50 ft by 50 ft layout room
  • 600 ft of mainline track
  • 16-20 Operators (typical)
  • 0.05 percent sceniced!

Labor Day 2015 Op Session

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Bill nails the 10th Street Job!
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The joys of being a layout owner
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Hot train leaving Murray
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Massive derailment at the MKT Glen Park Yard
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Mike smells something funny at the elevator yard
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Theatrical set design 101 - paint it black if you want it to disappear
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Paul ponders potential pickups
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Rick and Steve discuss their upcoming conversion to N-scale
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This is what an 0.05 percent sceniced layout looks like
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Steve gets his fingers stuck to the ice-cold beverage can!
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Well-hung wireless receivers
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Rick moves a caboose telekinetically
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A contemplative Mike Porter thoughtfully envisions the perfect operating group for a lively session on the Marais Division.

More Layout Photos (click to open)

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Elevator Yard

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Lenexa looking south

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Lincoln, Springfield, Tulsa staging

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Murray Yard Bowl

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Murray Yard Ustick End

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North Kansas City

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Murray Yard north end

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click to embiggen

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Spring Hill

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Ustick Junction

It ain’t easy being’ green…

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