Louisville & Nashville, Lexington Subdivision National Model Railroad Association

Mark Juett
Louisville & Nashville Lexington Subdivision
HO Scale
150 ft of main line track
CMRI implemented
Operations by TTTO vis telephone
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About the Layout
The Louisville & Nashville RR Short Line runs along the Ohio River between Louisville and Cincinnati, circa September 1967.

First and second generation diesels pull freight and passenger trains. while coal is still king on the L&N, generating much revenue.

This HO railroad is about half finished. There is a second deck below to be built.

Currently there are over 70 hand-built custom switches. Main line run is about 150’

Track height 51-1/2”-67”. Track is flextrack code 70 & 83 with some hand laid areas.

Minimum switch is #6 in industrial areas, #8 & #10 on mainline. Minimum radius is 30” with large sweeping curves on main.

Other items to note:
Computer/Model Railroad Interface. Locking switches. Integrated yard panels. Plans for CTC & Signals. Operations by TTTO via telephone.

Over 200 cars in operation. Using JMRI Operations Pro for car forwarding. NCE Power House Pro Radio DCC. All locos sound equipped with Tsunami, Econami or Tsunami2 decoders. Cabooses with sound car decoders.

Several scratch built structures, wood, plastic, plaster and metal. We like all materials. Hundreds if not thousands of trees from natural plant material. Photo backdrops city and country.