SPSF, DRGW, and RGS Railroads National Model Railroad Association

Larry Alfred's Southern Pacific Santa Fe, Denver & Rio Grande Western, and Rio Grande Southern Railroads
O Scale - SPSF & DRGW
On3 - Rio Grande Southern
36 ft x 50 ft

Full basement, around the wall, 220' mainlines on both standard gauge and narrow gauge.  Basically, two separate but intertwined layouts. 

The viewer never sees both at the same time, with one exception.  When entering the room, the viewer sees a "shadow box" with both railroads stacked one above the other.  Otherwise, when the standard gauge is seen, the narrow gauge is behind the backdrop.  When the narrow gauge is seen, the standard gauge is below.  Scenery allows the transition between vignettes. 

The narrow gauge represents the RGS in the late 1940s, including Ridgway.  Also, included is a freelance mining and oil operation, the San Juan Mining & Petroleum Co.  Standard gauge includes SPSF and D&RGW in Denver-type industrial setting in mid-1980s.  This allows switching operations. 

Benchwork is approximately 95% complete with an additional peninsula planned.  Track and wiring is approximately 80% complete, with mainlines complete and some sidings left to complete.  Control is with NCE-DCC.  Approximately 10 to 20% of the scenery is complete.  Scenery is primarily Colorado mountains. 

Not handicapped accessible.

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