Modeling with the Masters National Model Railroad Association

Modeling with the Masters

Each session lasts 3½ to 5 hours and starts with a workshop, followed by a hands-on session where you will actually build a model, aided by Clark, Peter, and Jim, and Howard. They will assist you, answer your questions and share all their modeling expertise, skills and techniques. When the session is finished, you will be able to take your project home.

Unlike the other clinics at the Kansas City Convention, these clinics are not open clinics and are not for dropping in on. You must have a ticket and pay a fee for materials to attend MWTM clinics. Please check at the Registration Desk for last-minute space availability, if you have not pre-registered. All students must bring the tools as listed on the tool list for each clinic. These clinics are not suitable for students under 18.

You must purchase a ticket before the convention to pay the required materials fee to attend.